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Junior & Senior Infants!

There are 21 in our class, 9 in Junior Infants and 12 in Senior Infants. Our teacher is Ms. Dynan. 

We hope you enjoy looking at all of the amazing work we are doing in our classroom!

We love working together and below you will see some examples of what we get up to each week. Enjoy 🙂

Friday 22/06/2018

School Tour- Glendeer Pet Farm 

There was great excitement this morning as we boarded the bus for our school tour!! It was Junior Infants first school tour and what a day we had for it. The sun shone all day long, we ate more sweets than you could imagine, we saw loaddddddddds of animals and we played for ages in the really cool playground. It was brilliant! Here are some pics… 😀

Wednesday 20/06/2018

A busy week 

We are very busy this week as we are going on our school tour on Friday!! We are all so excited and looking forward to it. Our lovely vegetables are nearly ready for harvesting, see our pictures below! We harvested a bumper crop of three strawberries last week…. yes THREE!! 🙂 Ms. Dynan cut them up into small pieces and everyone got to try them. They were delicious! Our theme in the classroom is now SUMMER and we are really enjoying getting in the mood. We are also excited about our Summer Raffle next week. You can win tickets for the raffle by doing amazing things in class and by getting the most stars in our reward jars! Some of us have earned loads of tickets already. Here are our latest photos…


Friday 08/06/2018

Hello Summer…! 🙂 

We are all really enjoying the lovely weather. Our theme since last week is ‘Homes’. We have been learning about different types of houses and we did some fun activities with the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Everyone loves to use our story mat for retelling stories. 

We were all excited to look out the window this morning and see our first strawberries have turned red! We can’t wait to taste them. We have been getting in the mood for summer at the sand and water table and we have been using the parachute outside for some fun games. See all our latest pictures below. Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂

Great excitement when we spotted our strawberries had turned red!! 🙂

Our potatoes, onions and lettuce are getting big outside. We will put up some pics next week.


Friday 18/05/2018

In the Jungle…

We have been very busy this week learning all about the jungle. We have decorated our own jungle in the classroom and we have spotted a monkey or two wandering around a few times 🙂 Here are some interesting things we have learned about the jungle;

  • The leaves of the trees make a canopy over the jungle and hardly any light can get through.
  • Jaguars are brilliant swimmers.
  • Gorillas are really smart and they live in a group called a troop.
  • Chimpanzees are our closest relative in the jungle.
  • Orangutans eat mainly fruit, leaves and flowers. They are endangered. This means they are nearly extinct. Tigers are endangered too.
  • Tree frogs have red eyes that pop open to scare away predators.
  • A python is one of the largest snakes.

Here are some photos of us and our jungle creations;


Searching for jungle animals in the sand table. Not one bit went on the floor…… 😉

We will have more from the jungle next week. Stay tuned. 🙂


Thursday 03/05/2018

A visit from the Fire Service

Two firefighters from Borrisokane Fire Station were very good to come and visit us this morning. We had lots of questions for them and they showed us their uniform and all their equipment. They even let us try them on. They gave us a colouring sheet and a pencil too 🙂 Here are some pictures of the visit.

Andy Warhol

Look at our colourful art work- we used the style of the famous artist Andy Warhol. We really enjoyed making them. Can you spot anyone you know? 🙂

Thursday 26/04/2018

People Who Help Us 

This week we are learning about people who help us and the places they work in. We used our imaginations to build some of these buildings in our Aistear Construction area. Here are some of our creations; Clodagh’s Hospital, Holly & Sophia’s car Garage and Rachel’s School. Gearóid and Mia also made Garda trucks from lego. 

Friday 20/4/2018

We started hurling today and we had great fun! Orla Carey was teaching us lots of tips and tricks! We are looking forward to next week already! Enjoy the weekend everyone 😊

Wednesday 18/04/2018

Down at the farm… 

We are still busy down at the farm this week! We were very excited to carry out our Science experiment today. We watched a video about how butter was made years ago and then we made our own! All you have to do is put cream in a jar and then shake, shake, shake! After a few minutes there was butter in our jars… amazing!! We tried it out on some crackers with some cress too. We are great little farmers! 🙂 


Thursday 12/04/2018

Big Week on the Farm! 

We are all excited to be back at school after our Easter holidays. We have been learning about the farm this week. We have a veterinary surgery set up with different roles for everyone to try out. We have a receptionist, a vet, a surgeon and customers with different sick animals. We wrote a lovely acrostic poem that spells FARM. We also planted some peas, spinach and cress for our farm. Here are some pictures of what we have been getting up to this week.


Friday 23/03/2018

Happy Easter everyone! 

We had great excitement in school today with the cake sale and raffle. We all bought some lovely treats and some of us won prizes. We brought home our finished clay pots. They are really colourful and look great. You can see them below. Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!! See you all soon 😊

Wednesday 21/03/2018

Easter fun!

We have been getting ready for Easter in our classroom this week. We are all really looking forward to it and can’t wait to eat some Easter eggs! We are doing Easter stations during Aistear this week and our beautiful work is on display outside our classroom. 


Friday 15/03/2018

Lá Fhéile Pádraig 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all our little leprechauns! This week we learned all about the story of St. Patrick. We made lovely art work and learned a new song An Leipreachán. We are almost ready for Ireland’s Got Talent! Have a look… 🙂


Working with Clay

We learned how to make a pinch pot out of modelling clay today. All you have to do is roll the clay into a ball, stick your thumb in the middle and then pinch pinch pinch all the way around. Easy peasy! We will paint our pots next week and bring them home.

Friday 09/03/2018

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely Mammies for Sunday! We hope you all have a nice relaxing day and get spoilt! We promise to be on our best behaviour all day 😉 

The Frog

We had a busy week in our classroom this week. We learned all about the life cycle of the frog! We had fun singing the song ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs’ and the poem ‘I have a Little Frog’. 


Our Spring plants

We planted these daffodil and crocus plants in January and have been minding them for the last few weeks. We take turns to water them every day. Today we saw the first blossoms, one daffodil and one crocus 🙂 After all the snow, Spring is finally starting to arrive!



Tuesday 27/02/2018

A visit from some Spring lambs!!

There was great excitement in our classroom this morning as we had a visit from two baby lambs with a local farmer Tadhg Carey (Holly’s Daddy 🙂 ). Thank you Tadhg for a lovely visit!

The lambs were called Hannah and Charlie. Hannah had a black spot on her back. The lambs were three weeks old and they were very cute and fluffy. We got to pet them and we were delighted to feed them with their bottle. They got full up then and they were making funny noises. Baaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaa. We got lots of pictures taken with the lambs. Have a look at them…








Monday 26/02/2018

Spring is almost here! (But somebody forgot to tell the weatherman…! 🙂 )

This week we are learning all about Spring! Spring is starting on Thursday 1st March but the weather is still very cold. We will put up some pictures of our Spring activities here during the week…..


Friday 23/02/2018

Art- Decorating Hot Air Balloons

We had great fun today decorating our Hot Air Balloons. We have been learning all about transport and travel this week.






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